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Tired of Looking Older Than You Are?

Let Our Experts Help You Look 10 YEARS Younger!

It’s time to love the way you look and turn back the clock on aging. It’s never been easier with Beautique’s Botox Club. Join today to start earning monthly Botox units, get members-only offers, receive special product discounts, and more.

The Botox Club

The affordable way to turn back the clock, the Botox Club offers special Botox pricing, members-only promotions, discounts on skincare products and FREE spa services.

All About Botox

Botox Cosmetic is the number one non-surgical anti-aging procedure in the U.S. Nothing on the market today is more effective at reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Join the Club

Express your interest in our exclusive club and schedule your Botox consultation today. Our staff  is on hand to answer all your questions.


"The Botox Club is such a great idea. I save so much money on my treatments with the added bonus of great discounts on my favorite skincare products and even FREE spa services. Whenever I get compliments on how great I look, I tell people to call Beautique and join the club. I wouldn’t send them anywhere else."